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What to Wear to a High School Reunion

If you are searching for what to wear to a high school reunion, you are in the right place!

If you are preparing for a high school reunion, you may be confused about what to wear on that big day.

Trust me, you don’t want to be left out when your old-time classmates are looking sweet in their dresses on the reunion day.

You also want to dress your best and look sweet too, right?

So in this article, I will be giving you 10 high school reunion outfit ideas as well as tips to prepare for a high school reunion.

Ready? Let’s go!

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What Is a High School Reunion?

What Is a High School Reunion
What Is a High School Reunion

High school reunions are those awesome gatherings where people who graduated from the same high school come together to catch up and relive the good old days.

They’re like a trip down memory lane but with your old pals.

Usually, these reunions happen every five or ten years after graduation.

There’s often a dedicated team of volunteers, usually your classmates, who plan everything.

They pick a date, find a cool venue, and send out invites.

It’s like planning a big party with all your old friends on the guest list.

When you get to the reunion, you can expect all sorts of fun activities.

There’s usually a fancy dinner, some dancing, maybe even games or a tour of your old school.

Plus, you get to see old yearbooks and photos that take you back to those teenage years.

The best part is catching up with everyone.

You’ll hear about what your friends have been up to – their jobs, families, and all the adventures they’ve had since high school.

It’s like getting a peek into each other’s life stories.

And you know what? Reunions aren’t just about reminiscing; they’re also networking opportunities.

You might discover that a former classmate shares your interests or even find a business opportunity.

But here’s the thing, not everyone feels the same way about reunions.

Some people can’t wait to go, while others might hesitate due to old memories or unresolved issues.

It’s all part of the mix.


Overall, high school reunions are a chance to celebrate how far you’ve come and reconnect with your roots.

So, whether you’re excited or a bit nervous, they’re a unique experience you won’t want to miss!

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What to Wear to a High School Reunion

What to Wear to a High School Reunion
What to Wear to a High School Reunion

Choosing what to wear to a high school reunion can be both exciting and a little nerve-wracking.

You want to look your best while feeling comfortable and confident.

Here are some tips on what to consider when deciding what to wear:

1. Dress to Impress

High school reunions are social events, so it’s a good idea to dress up a bit.

Opt for an outfit that shows you’ve put thought into your appearance.

Consider wearing semi-formal or business-casual attire.

For men, this might mean slacks, a button-down shirt, and a blazer.

Women can go for dresses, skirts, or nice slacks with a blouse or a stylish top.

2. Stay True to Your Style

While dressing up is important, don’t stray too far from your personal style.

You want to feel like yourself and be comfortable with what you’re wearing.

If you’re not used to wearing suits or dresses, you can still look sharp and stylish in well-fitting, casual clothing.

3. Check the Dress Code

Some reunions have specific dress codes, so it’s a good idea to check with the organizers or on the event invitation.

If they suggest a particular theme or dress code, like “casual chic” or “retro,” try to incorporate that into your outfit.

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4. Accessorize Thoughtfully

Accessories can make a big difference in your overall look.

A stylish watch, tasteful jewelry, or a well-chosen tie can elevate your outfit.

Just don’t overdo it; less is often more when it comes to accessories.

5. Shoes Matter

Pay attention to your footwear. Shoes can make or break an outfit.

Choose comfortable shoes that match your attire.

If you’re going for a more casual look, clean and stylish sneakers can work.

6. Grooming

Don’t forget personal grooming.

A clean, well-groomed appearance is just as important as your clothing choice.

A fresh haircut, neatly trimmed facial hair (for men), and attention to personal hygiene all contribute to a polished look.

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7. Confidence is Key

Ultimately, the most important thing to wear is confidence. When you feel good about yourself, it shows.

So, wear a smile and carry yourself with confidence. That’s the best accessory you can have.

8. Consider the Venue and Weather

Think about where the reunion is taking place and the weather conditions.

If it’s an outdoor event, consider the elements. You might need a light jacket or an umbrella.


Remember, the goal is to feel comfortable and enjoy reconnecting with old friends and classmates.

Your outfit should reflect your personality and style while making you feel confident and at ease.

So, take some time to plan your attire, and you’ll be ready to make a great impression at your high school reunion.

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10 High School Reunion Outfit Ideas

10 High School Reunion Outfit Ideas
10 High School Reunion Outfit Ideas

As I earlier said, I will be giving you 10 high school reunion outfit ideas for both men and women.

So here are 10 outfit ideas for your high school reunion, covering various styles and dress codes:

1. Classic Cocktail Attire

  • For Men: A well-fitted navy suit, a crisp white dress shirt, and a solid-colored tie.
  • For Women: A knee-length little black dress (LBD) with simple heels and elegant jewelry.

2. Retro Theme

  • For Men: A vintage-inspired shirt, suspenders, and classic jeans or trousers.
  • For Women: A 1950s-style swing dress or a 1970s-inspired boho maxi dress.

3. Casual Chic

  • For Men: Dark jeans, a stylish patterned shirt, and fashionable sneakers or loafers.
  • For Women: Tailored jeans, a trendy blouse, and ankle boots, or ballet flats.

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4. Business Casual

  • For Men: Chinos, a button-down shirt, and a sports coat with loafers.
  • For Women: Slacks, a blouse, and low-heeled pumps or stylish flats.

5. Smart Casual

  • For Men: A well-fitted blazer, a casual shirt, dark jeans, and desert boots.
  • For Women: A tailored blazer, a blouse or knit top, slim trousers, and ankle boots.

6. Garden Party

  • For Men: A light-colored linen suit or blazer, a pastel dress shirt, and loafers.
  • For Women: A floral sundress, a wide-brimmed hat, and strappy sandals.

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7. Athleisure (for a more relaxed gathering)

  • For Men: A stylish tracksuit or joggers, a plain tee, and clean sneakers.
  • For Women: Athleisure leggings, a graphic tee, and sporty sneakers.

8. Beach or Poolside (for a tropical reunion)

  • For Men: A Hawaiian print shirt, comfortable shorts, and flip-flops.
  • For Women: A flowy maxi dress or a swimsuit cover-up with flip-flops or sandals.

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9. All-white (for a unique and elegant look)

  • For Men: White trousers, a white dress shirt, and white sneakers or loafers.
  • For Women: A white jumpsuit, white heels, and minimalistic silver jewelry.

10. Statement Pieces

  • For Men: Incorporate a bold tie, pocket square, or unique accessory to make your outfit pop.
  • For Women: Add a statement necklace, clutch, or colorful scarf to enhance your ensemble.


Remember to adapt these outfit ideas to your personal style and the specific dress code or theme of your high school reunion.

The key is to feel comfortable and confident in what you wear while making a memorable impression on your classmates.

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Tips to Prepare for a High School Reunion

Preparing for a high school reunion can be exciting and sometimes a bit nerve-wracking.

Here are some tips to help you get ready for the big event:

1. Mark the Date and RSVP

As soon as you receive the invitation, mark the date on your calendar and promptly RSVP.

This ensures you won’t forget and helps the organizers plan accordingly.

2. Set Your Goals

Think about what you want to achieve at the reunion.

Is it reconnecting with old friends, sharing life updates, or simply having a good time?

Having a clear goal will help you navigate conversations and activities.

3. Refresh Your Memory

Take some time to review your high school yearbook, photos, and other memorabilia.

This can help you remember names, faces, and shared experiences, which can be handy during conversations.

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4. Update Your Life Story

Prepare a brief update about your life since high school.

Include information about your career, family, hobbies, and any significant milestones.

This will make it easier to share with classmates.

5. Plan Your Outfit

Choose your outfit well in advance.

Depending on the dress code, decide what you’ll wear and make sure everything fits comfortably.

This gives you time for any alterations or shopping if needed.

6. Grooming and Personal Care

Schedule any necessary grooming appointments, like a haircut or a visit to the salon.

Ensure your clothes are clean, shoes are polished, and that you’re well-groomed and fresh.

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7. Practice Your Elevator Pitch

Have a short, engaging summary of your life ready.

It’s a quick way to introduce yourself and give an overview of your achievements and current situation.

8. Bring Photos

If you have recent photos of your family, travels, or big events in your life, consider bringing them.

They can be great conversation starters.

9. Mind Your Attitude

Approach the reunion with an open and positive attitude. Be prepared to listen as well as share.

High school reunions are about connecting, so be genuinely interested in others.

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10. Prepare Conversation Starters

Think of some topics or questions to kick-start conversations.

Ask about people’s favorite high school memories, what they’ve been up to lately, or their future plans.

11. Travel Plans

If you’re traveling to the reunion, book your accommodations and transportation well in advance to ensure a smooth trip.

12. Plan Your Exit

While it’s essential to mingle and catch up, don’t feel obligated to stay the entire time if you’re not comfortable.

Have a plan for politely excusing yourself when you’re ready to leave.

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13. Stay Connected

After the reunion, consider connecting with your old classmates on social media or exchanging contact information.

It can help you maintain those rekindled friendships.

14. Be Yourself

Above all, be genuine and true to yourself.

High school reunions are about reconnecting with people who knew you when you were younger, so don’t feel pressured to be someone you’re not.

15. Relax and Have Fun

Remember that everyone is there to have a good time and reconnect.

Relax, enjoy the moment, and savor the opportunity to reminisce and create new memories.


High school reunions can be a wonderful chance to reconnect with your past, celebrate your journey, and make new connections.

With a little preparation, you’ll be ready to make the most of the experience.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Do You Bring a Date to a High School Reunion?

Bringing a date to your high school reunion is entirely up to you.

If you’re in a relationship, it can be fun to introduce your partner to your old pals.

But if you’re single or just prefer flying solo, that’s perfectly fine too.

Reunions are mainly about catching up with classmates, so choose whatever makes you feel most comfortable and ensures you have a good time.

What Are Fun Questions to Ask At a High School Reunion?

There are several fun questions to ask at a high school reunion.

You can start with stuff like, “What’s your all-time favorite high school memory?” or “What have you been up to since we last saw each other?”

Get some laughs going with, “Any funny high school stories to share?” and reminisce about the best and worst classes or teachers.

Dive into dreams and achievements, ask about everyone’s favorite music or bands back in the day, and find out what’s on their bucket list now.

It’s all about reconnecting and reliving the good times while catching up on life!

How Do I Prepare for a 20-Year High School Reunion?

To prepare for your 20-year high school reunion, first, save the date and RSVP.

Brush up on old memories and update your life story, including career and family.

Plan your outfit ahead to ensure it fits the dress code, and don’t forget grooming.

Practice a short, engaging introduction about your post-high school life.

Bring recent photos and think of conversation starters. Approach it with an open and friendly attitude.

Arrange accommodations and transport if necessary, and most importantly, get ready to have a blast catching up and reminiscing with old friends!

What Is the Purpose of High School Reunions?

High school reunions are all about reuniting with old classmates, sharing life updates, and celebrating the journey since graduation.

They offer a chance to catch up, reminisce, and form new connections.

It’s like a walk down memory lane, a time to appreciate the past and see how everyone’s evolved.

These events create a sense of belonging, stir up nostalgia, and let you reflect on those formative years.

Ultimately, they’re about reconnecting, making memories, and appreciating the bonds that began in high school.

Can You Wear Jeans to a High School Reunion?

Whether you can wear jeans to a high school reunion depends on the vibe.

If it’s a casual get-together, nice, dark jeans with a smart top can work.

But if it’s fancier, like semi-formal or cocktail attire, you might want to go with slacks, a dress, or even a suit.

Double-check the dress code to be sure.

The key is feeling comfortable and confident, so choose what suits both your style and the occasion.

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When it comes to dressing for a high school reunion, keep it simple and try to be yourself.

There’s no point trying to be what you are not. Also, keep in mind, the weather conditions.

If it’s cold, you may want to go for something heavier, but if the weather is hot, you should put on something lighter.

And most importantly, do not forget to have fun.

Moreover, the main goal of a high school reunion is to have fun and catch up with old-time friends, so ensure you have as much fun as possible.

If you have any questions or inquiries, ensure to drop them in the comment section and I will respond right away.

Good luck!

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Grace Williams

Grace Williams is a retired teacher with over 30 years of experience when it comes to teaching and education in general. She has decided to share her wealth of knowledge on Schoolcrib.

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